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Frequently asked questions

What is the Synthalist?

The Synthalist is a tool for Djs and producers that allows anyone to easily manipulate chords and notes using a traditional turntable based Dj set up or any number of midi based mixers and controllers on the market. We've spent months in the studio experimenting and designing sounds for the Musician/Dj to manipulate!

Do I need special software or any modification to my Dj/Midi controller setup?

Not at all! The Synthalist is a carefully created MP3 file that you load into any existing modern DJ software like Serato DJ. The advantage of this is that you treat it just like any music file in your playlist. All of your sounds are readily accessible!

How does it work?

The Synthalist files work over most music arrangements, songs in your Dj music library, recording in a studio setting, or even performig live with a band. Matching the key with the Synthalist patch and your music source is well...Key!! Finding the key has never been as simple as it is now. Although you are hopefully listening with your ears to make sure it sounds good, Serato's Pitch and time feature allows you to easily adjust the key of your synth patch to match the song. In Serato Dj the key is located next to the song title. We recommend using mixers/midi controllers like the Pionner s9 with atleast 8 pads to fully take advantage of the chord/Note progression range. We also recommend midi mapping the key "plus/minus" arrows somewhere on your mixer to increase the usabilty as this lets you take notes up and down a half step or more! In most instances these arrow keys are already mapped especially on newer midi controllers like the Roland dj808!

Why are the chords/notes so far apart in the mp3 file?

The chords have a significant amount of time between them because it was specifically designed for use with 4 channel Dj controllers. This gives you the added functionality of layering multiple patches to perform with. It also gives you time after a "performance" to switch to a new mp3 without errant notes or chords being played as the track plays out. Please watch our "performing with a dj controller" video for more on how this works!